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The Gallery of
Art and Competition Photographs

Recent Exhibit:
"Art in Architecture"

"The Rotunda as Museum:
Art, Space and Symbolism"


Recent Exhibits of works by
Robert A. Baron

The Eclectic Quintet 2010
The Eclectic Quintet 2009
Against the Grain 2009
Photographs by Robert Baron

In the Works:

Bernard Salomon
French Renaissance
book illustrator


Recent Works: Paintings & Drawings by
Clyde Espenschied

Curriculum Vitae for Robert A. Baron


llus: An emblem representing the Medici Library, from a book published in Florence by Bernardo Junta in 1548. This device embodies the belief that those who hold wealth and power have an obligation to provide public access to information and learning. Today we say "information wants to be free" under the theory that access to information and knowledge serves the public good.


Robert A. Baron
Arts Information Consultant
P.O. Box 93, Larchmont
New York, 10538

A web-site dedicated to issues relating to intellectual property and copyright, to automated museum management techniques, to "monalisiana" and to imaging and image resources for the study and teaching of the history of art.

In addition, the photography of
Robert A. Baron
is featured.

Studiolo PIX

Images for Educational and Commercial Licensing
Recent Exhibition, Competition,
and Fine Arts Photography


See: Quisisana 2008
Slide Show

Quisisana 2009 Slide Show
will appear eventually.



Table of Contents:


    Studiolo - Pix: Photography by Robert Baron
      A Gallery of Art and Competition Photographs
      Studiolo - Pix: Commercial and Art Photography
      Selected Group & Solo Exhibits: most recent, first
  <E> <D> <C> <B> <A>
      The "Directory," including "Stock Photo" Images
      SLIDE SHOWS based on Competition and Exhibit Images
      Images for Educational & Commercial Licensing
   plus other photographic services
      Best Picks of Studiolo - Pix -- by Anastasia Tompkins


    Photo Essays for Architecture & Art
      Slides for Art Historians (see also Photo Essays)


    Art History and Related Activities



Art History, Museology, Photography and Criticism:

    Copyright and Intellectual Property:





Papers on Museum and Arts Computerization:



Guides to Museum and Arts Computerization:

      Mona Lisa and "Monalisiana"
    Academic Image Cooperative:



Miscellany, Diversions, Entertainments & Links:
    Mona Lisa & "Monalisiana"
Mona Lisa Links
    Paintings & Drawings by Clyde Espenschied   
    Selected Artists and Artisans



    Eulogies and Poetry of & for Simon Wakesberg



E-Mail Musings:

VI.     Letters to the Editor
VII.     Westchester Photographic Society
Sample Exhibits & Press Releases
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