The Works of Bernard Salomon
A Handlist of the Graphic Works
In preparation for a Catalogue raisonné,
in two lists:
List One: The Major Cycles and Other Works
List Two: Cycles in order of first appearance
by Robert A. Baron --  

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List One:

Works attributed to Salomon, arranged by cycle or subject.


Note: Dates shown in this list represent first appearance of the named cycle and will not necessarily indicate the date of all images within the cycle. Titles listed reflect the variety of illustrations attributed to Salomon by bibliophiles and collectors and from contemporary sources. The presence of a title on this list, therefore, does not indicate that this author believes its illustrations or all of its illustrations should be accepted as works by Salomon.


  The Major Cycles:
    Biblical Subjects:
      Old Testament, 2 sets, 1553
      Old Testament Folio Set, 1551
      New Testament, 1553
    Classical Literature and Fables:
      Ovid, Metamorphoses, 1549, 1557
      Aesop, Fables, 1547
      Virgil, Eneide, 1552 and 1560. see below
      Vitruvius, De Architectura, 1552. see below
    Emblem Literature:
      Alciati, Emblemata, 1547
      La Perrière, Le Theatre des bons engins, 1545
      Paradin, Devises heroiques, 1551, 1557.
  Other Works:
    Poetic, narrative and mythological subjects:
      Apuleius, Metamorphoses, 1553.
      Beaulaigue, Chansons nouvelles, 1558.
      Bouchet, Remèdes d'amours, 1550.
      L'enfer de Cupido, 1555.
      Gueroult, Hymnes du Temps, 1560.
      Gueroult, Hymnes des Vertus, 1605.
      Leon Hebrieu, De l'amour, 1551.
      Marguérite d'Angoulême, Marguerites de la Marguerite des princesses, 1547.
      Marot, Les Oeuvres, 1549.
      Ovid, Les 21 epistres, 1556.
      Petrarca, The Trionfi in Il Petrarca, 1547.
      Diego de San Pedro, Arnalte et Lucenda, 1547.
      Scève, Saulsaye, 1547.
      [Terrence? A lost or unreaized ed.], Comedies (cuts published 1556).
      Tyard, Solitaire second, 1555, and other works.
      Virgil, Eneide, 1552 and 1560.
    Historical and historiographical works:
      Guichard, Funerailles & diverses manieres d'ensevelir des Rommains, 1581.
      Livius, Le Premier et second livre de la premier decade, 1553.
      Plutarch, Opuscules, 1546.
    Geographical, scientific, astrological and technical works:
      Bassantin, Astronomiques discours, 1557.
      Du Pinet, Plantz pourtraitz et descriptions de plusieurs villes, 1564.
      Focard, Paraphrase de l'astrolabe, 1546 and 1555.
      Georgiewitz, De Turcorum moribus epitome, 1553.
      Gueroult, Premier livre des figures et pourtraitz des villes, 1552.
      Indagine, Chiromance & Physiognomie, 1549.
      Obsequens, Des Prodiges, 1554 and 1555.
      Salomon, A lost book on perspective by Bernard Salomon.
      Thevet, Cosmographie de Levant, 1554.
      Vitruvius, De Architectura, 1552.
    Books recording designs for Triumphal Entries:
      Entry of Henri II into Lyon, 1548, 1549.
      Entry of Alexander Farnese into Carpentras, 1553, 1553.
    Miscellaneous works:
      Iuris prudentia, 1554.
      Missale iuxta ritum sancte Ecclesia Lugdunensis, 1556.
      Pourtraits divers, 1556.
      Miscellaneous alphabets, decorated letters, borders, printers marks and fleurons, etc.

List Two:
A Chronological arrangement of the evolution of the editions containing graphic works attributed to Bernard Salomon. Unless otherwise stated all works listed were published in Lyon by the house of Jean de Tournes.

1545: La Perrière, Le Theatre des Bons engins.
1546: Focard, Paraphrase de l'astrolabe (some cuts dated 1545).
  Plutarch, Opuscules.
1547: Aesop, Les Fables.
  Alciati, Emblemata.
  Diego de San Pedro, Arnalte et Lucenda.
  Marguérite d'Angoulême, Marguerite de la Marguerite des princesses.
  Petrarca, Il Petrarca (The Trionfi).
  Scève, Saulsaye.
1549: Entry of Henri II into Lyon, 1548, Lyon, Rouille.
  Indagine, Chiromance & Physiognomie.
  Marot, Les Oeuvres
(22 cuts for his translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses, Books I and II, plus one for Marot's Hero and Leander).
  Tyard, Erreurs amoureuses.
1550: Bouchet, Les Angoisses et remèdes d'amours.
1551: Leon Hebrieu, De l'Amour.
  Paradin, Devises heroiques.
  Bible (Folio series).
  Aesop, Fabulae (additions)
1552: Gueroult, Chroniques, Lyon, B. Arnoullet.
  Gueroult, Figures et pourtraitz des villes, Lyon, B. Arnoullet.
  Vergil, Eneide.
  Vitruvius, De Architectura.
1553:   Apuleius, Metamorphose.
    Entry of Alexander Farnese into Carpentras, 1553, Avignon [printed in Lyon], M. Bonhomme.
    Livius, La premier decade, Lyon, B. Arnoullet.
    Old Testament (The small series).
    Old Testament (The large Quadrins historiques, series).
    New Testament.
    Gueroult, Corographie d'Europe, Lyon, B. Arnoullet (additions).
1554:   Iuris prudentia, Lyon, Sagittarii.
    Obsequens, Des Prodiges.
    Thevet, Cosmographie de Levant.
    Old Testament (Quadrins historiques, additions).
    New Testament, additions.
1555:   Tyard, Solitaire second.
    Focard, Paraphrase de l'astrolabe (additions).
    Obsequens, Des Prodiges (additions).
    Old Testament (Quadrins historiques, additions).
1556:   Missale, Lyon, Septemgrangijs.
    Ovid, Les 21 epistres.
    [Pourtraits divers].
    Aesop, Les Fables (additions).
    Thevet, Cosmographie de Levant (additions).
1557:   Bassantin, Astronomique discours.
    Ovid, Metamorphose figurée (including borders).
    Gueroult, Figures et pourtraitz des villes, Lyon, B. Bonhomme (additions).
    Paradin, Devises heroiques (additions).
    Bible (Folio series, additions).
1558:   Beaulaigue, Chansons nouvelles, Lyon, R. Granjon.
1560:   Gueroult, Hymnes du temps.
    Vergil, Eneide (additions)
1561:   Old Testament (Quadrins historiques, additions).
    Old Testament (1553 small series, additions).
1564:   Du Pinet, Plantz pourtraitz et descriptions de plusieurs villes, Lyon, J. d'Ogerolles (the Gueroult series, additions).
1570:   Aesop, Les Fables (additions).
1571:   Aesop, Les Fables (additions).
1583:   Old Testament (Quadrins historiques, additions definately not of Salomon's design).
1605:   [Gueroult], Hymnes des Vertus.
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