Study Page: Painting the Mona Lisa

To the Reader:
The images on this "study page" offer readers an opportunity to contribute their own discussion and analysis of the Mona Lisa phenomenon. Kindly send your comments to me. Some of the images are unidentified. If you have information about their authors, kindly inform me. --

(above) fig. 35a: Mona Lisa Posing for the Master, Waxwork figures. Movieland Wax Museum, Buena Park, California. From Story, Mona Lisas, p. 10. (text)
(upper left) fig 35b: Roger van der Weyden. St. Luke Drawing the Virgin, c. 1435-37. Panel. h. 54. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
(right) fig. 35c. Unidentified cartoon. Leonardo painting the Mona Lisa. (from the Internet).
(below) fig. 35d. Frank & Earnest. From 5-15-99.


(right) fig. 35e. Frank & Ernest visit Leonardo's studio. Part of series: why is Mona Lisa Smiling. From Mona's viewpoint. See more.
(below) fig. 35f. Aimée Brune-Pages. Leonardo Painting the Mona Lisa. 1845. Engraved by Charles Lemoine from the oil original. Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale.
(below right) fig 35g. Velázquez.
The Maids of Honor. 1656. Madrid, The Prado.

  (far left) fig. 35h. Advertisement for "Verilux UV Filtered Fluorescent Lamps." from Museum News. Vol. 75, No. 5 (September/October 1994) p. 62. (text)
(near left) fig. 35i. Rembrandt. Self-Portrait. Cassel, Gemäldegalerie (Bredius/Gerson No.1)

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