Mona Lisa
for a
Modern World

"...the fruits of idleness are more precious than the fruits of labor."
-- Walter Benjamin


or a

an evolving paper
posted for discussion
and entertainment

by Robert A. Baron

For the scholar in every child.
For the child in every scholar. 

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In 15th Year -- Initiated in 1996
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          Main Contents:    
  I.     Monalisiana Text  
  II.     Analysis of Sources  
  III.     Study Pages  
  IV.     List of Monalisiana Images  
  V.     Mona Lisa Links Page  
  VI.     Readers' Comments  
Table of Contents   VII.     Exhibitor's Gallery   Table of Images
    VIII.     Teacher's Guide    
    IX.     Usage Data    
    X.     Monalisiana News and Events    
    XI.     To the Reader    
    XII.     Awards    
    XIII.     Links to additions    
    XIV.     Forthcoming topics    
    XV.     Imitation is flattery    
    XVI.     Et in Academia ego    


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