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1. = Cookie Jar (in two parts). Vandor, © 1992 Portman Designs.
Made in Srilanka. Gift of Blaine and Steve Levenson, 1992.
Two views. Photos © Robert Baron, 1998, 1999.
(Text1) (Text2) (Text3)
2. = Gift Wrap (see number 7, below).
Acquired 1970s at Pier I Imports, Redondo Beach, CA.
3. = Mona Lisa Socks. E.G. Smith, © World Love Productions Inc. 1990, NYC, under license to Keepers Industries Inc. Gift of Susan Hill and Paul L. Baron, 1992. Photos and scans © Robert Baron, 1998-99. Photographs added 12/31/99.  (12/9/2003: A new link to E.G. Smith: and a new design). (Text)
4. a. Quince Jelly Can Lid. Dulce de Membrillo. Argentina.
  b. Can of Quince Jelly. Same as above (added. 1/31/99). Gifts of Christine L. Sundt, 1997.  
5. = Hologram Puzzle (magnetic). Artwork by Dug Waggoner. © 1997 Lightrix. Inc. Gift of Carl and Carol Selkin, 1997. (Text)
6. a. Charles Addams (American, 1912-1988) Postcard. "I think you know everybody." © 1979 The New York Magazine, Inc. Postcard reprinted by Special Permission for the benefit of the National Academy of Design. Printed by Black Box Collotype, continuous tone printers, Chicago, USA.
See especially the website of the Charles Addams Foundation and specifically HERE where a fine quality print of this work may be purchased from the Charles Addams Foundation..
  b. Illustration by Merle Nacht from article by Will Joyner. "A Few Thousand Years of Museums, in a Nutshell," The New York Times, April 21, 1999, p. G-12  (added 3/4/2000) (Text)
7. = 12 image Mona Lisa Sequence. from Mary Rose Storey, Mona Lisas, New York, Abrams, 1980, cover 4. (Text1)
8. a. Mona in Hair Curlers. Postcard from series "Misguided Masterpieces." © 1994, The American Postcard Co., Inc. NYC. Design by George Castaldo. (Acquired in West Hollywood, CA, 12/97.) (Text)  
  b. Greeting Card "Another famous face is looking great in braces." © Hallmark 80F 160-8. Gift of Janice Yellin and Robert Segal. 10/31/99 (Text)
  c. Steve Best. Mona Greeting Card: "Mona was trying not to smile as she waited for her silent fart to reach Leonardo." Distributed by Pictura, Inc., PO Box 2058, West Patterson, N.J. 07424. 800.742.8872. (Bestie - B008) © Paperlink Ltd. 1992. 356 Kennington Road, London SE11 4LD. Tel 0171-582-8244. (Text)
9. a. b. Mona in the Louvre. (a) and (b): Photographs by Eli Selkin. Summer 1998. © 1998. . [(a) and (b) added 9/30/98.] (Text)
  c. Photo by John Green, "Mona Lisa's Girls" Mona Lisa in the Louvre:  
10. = Mona Lisa jigsaw, Miniature Masterpieces series, Licensed from Bridgeman Art Library, London by Nordevco, Inc. P.O. Box 542, South Plainfield, NJ 07080. 80 pieces, 8x10" (Purchased from Gift Shop, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1998.) (Text)
11. a. Marcel Duchamp (American, born France: 1887-1968). Postcard of Replica of L.H.O.O.Q. (1919). Collotype, hand colored with watercolor. 7 5/8 x 4 13/16" The Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection © 1990 Philadelphia Museum of Art (The original, pencil additions to printed reproduction.) (Text)
  b. François Picabia, 1942 replica of Marcel Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q. 1919. from The Art of Making Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (An Exhibition Catalogue -- 2 October 1999 - 15 January 2000. Achim Moeller Fine Art 167 East 73rd Street, New York, NY 10021, (added 3/4/2000)  
  c. Advertisement Postcard for Thomas Hoving. Art For Dummies (For Dummies Series) IDG Books Worldwide Tear addition in pen by Carol Selkin, Pasadena, California, November 1999 (added 3/4/2000)  
12. = Scene from The Freshman: Clark Kellogg and Tina Sabatini before the Mona Lisa. Directed and written by Andrew Bergman, 1990. Matthew Broderick as Clark Kellogg, Penelope Ann Miller as Tina Sabatini. Still from videotape. (Text)
13. = Andy Warhol. Mona Lisa: 1963 Serigraph, 44 1/8 x 29 1/8 in, New York, Eleanor Ward Coll. from Corbis: Leonardo Da Vinci (Text)
14. = Salvador Dali. Self Portrait as Mona Lisa. 1954. Photographic elements by Philippe Halsman. from: Marcel Duchamp [the catalogue of an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art] 1973, p. 195. (Text)
15. = Lillian Schwartz. Mona Lisa/Leonardo Self-Portrait Composite. From (Text)
16. = Lillian Schwartz. Leonardo morphed to the Mona Lisa. adapted from
"The Art Historian's Computer" in Scientific American, April 1995, p. 106. © 1995 Computer Creations Corp.
17. a. Advertisement for Gateway Computers. from PC Magazine, vol 17, no. 11 (June 9, 1998).  (Text)
  b. Advertisement for Fujifilm Digital Camera, from Smithsonian Magazine, vol 32, no. 6 (September 2001)  
  c. Jeff Nishimaka, Paper Sculpture of the Mona Lisa as appearing in an advertisement for Savin Copiers, in American Way, February 15, 1998. (repeat of fig 22b.) See: (Text)
18. a. Gary Larson. [Mona Lisa Cow], from The Far Side Gallery 3, Andrews and McMeel, Kansas City 1988. (Text)
  b. Carol Selkin. Pumkin Mona (a Halloween Birthday Card), October 2000.  
  c. Moona Lisa, T-Shirt from Howard Besser's T-Shirt Database
19. = Liqueurs Védrenne Les grandes Dames du Louvre: Goya: Mariana Waldstein; Greuze: The Broken Jar; Leonardo: Mona Lisa; Boucher: The Pompadour Marchioness; Ingres: Odalisque. Gift of Carl and Carol Selkin, 1998. (Text)  
20. = Mona Lisa in Toast and other oddities. Cut-out from an unknown magazine. View of Van Gogh may be from a Ripley's "Believe it or not!" museum. (Text1) (Text2)  
21. = Mona [rabbit] by Sylvia Long © 1993. From a greeting card published by Peaceable Kingdom Press, Berkeley California ( ISBN 1-56890-437-1. Gift of Christine L. Sundt, 7/1998. (Text)  
22. a. [Pasta Mona] an untitled greeting card. Published under Union Hill Paperworks imprint by Hallmark Cards, Inc. © [n.d., on or before 1993] #150UHP 103-0. Gift of Carol and Carl Selkin 11/1993. Color and contrast digitally enhanced in on-line copy.  (Text)
  b. Jeff Nishimaka, Paper Sculpture of the Mona Lisa as appearing in an advertisement for Savin Copiers, in American Way, February 15, 1998.  
23. = An array of Mona Lisa Adaptations as published in The Complete Paintings of Leonardo da Vinci. Introd. L.D. Ettlinger, Harry N. Abrams, NY, and Rizzoli 1967, p. 105.  (added 9/8/98) (Text)
24. a. Rick Meyerowitz. Mona Gorilla. 1971. Poster, 33 x 16 1/2. Bahm Bros., Inc., New York. From Storey, p. 51.  
  b. Rita Greer. Mona Lisamouse. 1977. Oil on hardboard. 3 1/8 x 2 1/2". Coll. of the Artist, From Storey, p. 63. (added 9/9/98) (Text)
25. a. Jim Henson Studios, Mona Pigga. 1986. acrylic on fiberboard. Kermitage Collection. (Corbis, Leonardo da Vinci, cd-rom) (Text)
  b. Snoopy accompanied by photographer Joe Farace ( Photo by Mary Farace. (See: MONA25.htm ) (Text)
26. a. Shaw Creations, Inc. Umbrella. (© 1998), Nylon, Made in China. (Image: Scala Art Resources). Gift of Minnie Singh and Matthew Reichek, 1998. (added 10/1/98) (Text)
  b. Bouguereau. Nymphs and Satyr (Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA  
27. a. Saturday Knight (mfgr). Mona Lisa on Vinyl Shower Curtain. Held by Ruth Baron & Minnie Singh. Acquired, September 1998. Gift of Minnie Singh and Matthew Reichek, September 1998. Photo © Robert Baron, 1998. (Text) (added 10/7/98)  
  b. Scene from ABC sit-com Dharma and Greg, aired 1/6/99, showing Beaded Mona Lisa curtain. (Text) (added 1/8/99)  
  c. Mona Lisa Beaded Curtain from Vietnam. Coll. R. Baron. Acquired April 1999 from Urban Outfitters. Gift of Helene Roberts. Photo © 1999 R. Baron. (added 7/1/99)  
28. a. Mona Lisa WristWatch, by Laks Watch (  (added 1/8/99) (Text)
  b. J. Fred Woell, Mona Lisa Pin, © 1998, Coll. R.Baron, acquired Summer 1998. Photo © Robert Baron, 1998.  (added 1/8.99) (Text)
  c. Alfa Trading, Gallery Watch Collection  
  d. Mona Lisa in style of Salvador Dali's Persistance of Memory. Detail of Paul Giavanopoulos (American, born Greece, 1939. Mona Lisa, 1988. Coll. Iris and Michael B. Lewiston, Birmingham, MI. Entire illustrated in "Oh, Mona! Biography of an Icon. Exhibition, Johnson Art Museum, Cornell University, Ithica, NY April 6 - August 25, 2002. Curator: Nancy Green..  (Added 10/24/99) (Text)
  e. Mona Lisa Wall Clock. As illustrated in Smithsonian magazine, May 1999.  (Text)
29. = Mona Lisa Ties (  
  a. Ralph Marlin Mona Lisa Tie (with detail of the Mona Lisa)  
  b. Model wearing Ralph Marlin Tie (with multiple Monas), coll. R. Baron. Photo © R. Baron, 1998. Gift of Dr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Reichek  
  c. Ralph Marlin Mona Lisa Tie (with multiple Monas).  (added 1/8/98) (Text)
30. a. Mona Lisa Bathing Suit. Offered in sales catalogue by the Carabella Collection, 17662 Armstrong Ave., Irvine, CA 92614. Image provided by Barbara Espenschied (1/99). (added 2/1/99) (Text)
  b. Sandro Botticelli, Birth of Venus, After 1482. Florence, Uffizi. (After Hartt, Art: A History of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, 1976, colorplate 12) (added 2/10/99).  
  c. The Mona Lisa as Botticelli's Venus [or Botticelli's Venus as the Mona Lisa], from a Hungarian [?] advertisment for beauty-cream. One of a set of images of great art redone as Mona Lisas.( (added 2/10/99.) (Text) [For updated on attribution, see above, 28d.]  
  d. Sharon Housen, "Let's Do Lunch," Greeting Card from original Watercolor Painting 16.5x16.5" Gift of Christine L. Sundt, 1999 (© Sharon Housen, 32656 Skyhawk Way, Eugene, OR 97405. tel: 541.485.6399) (added 3/5/2000) (Text)
  e. "A true work of art never ages. Happy Birthday to a real masterpiece." © 1998 Steven Stines and Portal Publications Ltd. ISBN 1-57928-063-3 (added 3/6/2000) (Text)
31. a. Hilary Rodham Clinton as the Mona Lisa. Advertisement for a service ("Masterpuss" Cascade Litho, Eugene, Oregon 97401) (added 2/11/99) (Text)
  b. Monica Lewinsky as the Mona Lisa. Front cover of The New Yorker Magazine, February 8, 1999. New Yorker Woman of the Year, art by Dean Roher. Story, pp. 25-6. (added 2/11/99) (Text)
  c. Monica Lewinsky as the Mona Lisa. Photo Gallery Collection: The Gata Tribune Emporium: Cultural Supplement: See Links File.  
32. a. My Favorite Masterpieces ("Cards for Kids to color," ©Pigment & Hue, Inc. (800) 850-8221 (Text)
  b. "The Gurk Clan." (added 2/12/99 - link dead 1/05).  (Text)
33. = Bottle and Box for Mona Lisa, Eau de Toilette by Ritornelle. Distributed by Ritornell, Inc. Fifth Ave. New York. Item probably sold during 1950s or early 1960s. Coll. R. Baron. Provenance: Bessie Reichek. (Added, 8/27/99). (Text)
34. a. [Man carrying Mona Lisa with face cut out.] Postcard, Vincent Raynal, photographer. Louvre, Paris. 1990. ©Nouvelles Images S.A. éditeurs et V. Raynal 1991. Postcard, Coll. R.Baron. (Text) (added 10/24/99)  
  b. Ennio Marchetto as the Mona Lisa in paper cutout prop. From the New York Times, April 2, 1999. (Text) (added 10/24/99.  
35. = Study Page: Painting the Mona Lisa. Examples and suggested comparisons.  
  a. Mona Lisa Posing for the Master, Waxwork figures. Movieland Wax Museum, Buena Park, California. From Story, Mona Lisas, p. 10. (added 3/9/00) (Text)
  b. Roger van der Weyden. St. Luke Drawing the Virgin, c. 1435-37. Panel. h. 54. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. (added 3/9/00)  
  c. Unidentified cartoon. Leonardo painting the Mona Lisa. (from the Internet).  
  d. Frank & Earnest. Cartoon from 5-15-99. (added 3/9/00)  
  e. Burt & Earnie visit Leonardo's studio. From series "why is the Mona Lisa Smiling" view from Mona Lisa: (added 3/9/00)  
  f. Aimée Brune-Pages. Leonardo Painting the Mona Lisa. 1845. Engraved by Charles Lemoine from the oil original. Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale. (added 3/9/00)  
  g. Velázquez. The Maids of Honor. 1656. Madrid, The Prado.(added 3/9/00)  
  h. Advertisement for "Verilux UV Filtered Fluorescent Lamps." from Museum News. Vol. 75, No. 5 (September/October 1994) p. 62.  (added 3/9/00) (text)
  i. Rembrandt. Self-Portrait. Cassel, Gemäldegalerie (Bredius/Gerson No.1) (added 3/9/00)  
36. = C'mon Mona, Smile! a flipbook by Fliptomania. 350 Townsend St., Suite 120, San Francisco, CA 94107. © 1997 by Fliptomania. and  
37. = from The Providence Journal, Thursday December 7, 2000: Painting by Charlie Hall, date: 1990. size: 4x5 feet. Title: Mona Laughter, Former location, STAGE club, Providence, RI., Information about this painting will be received at 401-621-4141  
38. = Mona as Medusa and Pregnant Mona Lisas  
  a. "Mona Lisa Revisited" © 1991 Alfred Gescheidt. A Greeting Card from "The Image Bank" Published by Portal Publications, Ltd., Corte Madera, California #125 GGB101. "Honey, you're not old, you're a classic! Happy Birthday." text by Rita Abrams  
  b. c. Japanese Advertisement (and detail), said to be for artists' colors, with Mona Lisa. Probably to be attributed to Morimura Yasumasa.  
  d. Caravaggio. Head of Medusa. Florence, Uffizi.1596-1598  
  e. Caravaggio. Judith Beheading Holofernes. Rome, Coppi Collection 1595-1596  
  f. g. h. Morimura Yasumasa, from "Self Portrait as Art History" 1998
Monna Lisa in its Origin, Monna Lisa in Pregnancy, Monna Lisa in the Third Place
  i. Billboard advertisement. "Who's the Daddy." Image supplied by Terry D. Houtz, Manager Genetic Testing, Baltimore RH Typing Laboratory (1-800-765-5170)  
39. = Mona Lisa Book Covers. See page for details.  
40. = DON BAUM - ART EXPO - 88, Museum of Contemporary Art CHICAGO. Model Hut with collage of images including portrait of Jesus Christ, Mona Lisa, pastoral scenes. T-Shirt from Howard Besser's T-Shirt Database
41. a. Mona Lisa Pillow Shams, by Boxelder. Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Reichek. 10/2002.  
  b. Detail of Leonardo Painting the Mona Lisa. Movieland Waxworks.  
  c. Sixteenth-century copy of the Mona Lisa, now at the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore  
  d. Giggling Mona Lisa Pillow available from "The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild." Gift of Paul Baron  
42.   Mona Lisa images found on the streets. See page for identification.  
43.   The Digital Mona Lisa surveyed from ascii art to Robert Silvers. See page for image identification. a) Ascii Mona Lisa, b) Ascii Mona Lisa in chiaroscuro mode, c) & d) Eric Harshbarger's Mona Lego Mona, e) & f) Robert Tinney. Two Mona Lisa images from Byte Magazine, March 1987 dedicated to image processing. g) Chrisoph Niemann, New York Times illustration from letters to editor page, February 10, 2002. h) Compaq advertisement with the Digital Mona Lisa. i) & j) Two pictures by Harmon and Julesz for a image recognition study: Mona Lisa and Abraham Lincoln. k) & l) Scientific American cover art: The Virtual Museum. m) Mona Lisa mosaic image by Finkelstein and Range. n) Salvador Dali, Lincoln in Dalivision. o) Arcimboldo, Allegorical figure of Autumn. p) & q) Robert Silvers' Photomosaic Mona Lisa.  

Mona Lisa Rubber Stamp Art. a) Stamp designs by "Ma Vinci" and an example of work derived from these stamps. (Artist's name is not decipherable.) For more information see:

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