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The Publish and Perish Journal
Volume One | Volume Two
highlighting recent studies in the history of art and architecture

Old Possum's Art Reference Tool, ver 1.0:
A parody of fine-arts indexing based on T.S.Eliot's "Naming of Cats."

Poems of Uncertain Utility

Eulogies for Simon (Si) Wakesberg 12/25/1913 to 2/22/2008
Some Poems in honor of Simon Wakesberg's 90th birthday
and miscellaneous poems by Si Wakesberg

Songs by Tom Friedman

Monalisiana: A Giocondophiliac's Delight
Comments and analysis of the current craze for monalisiana. Illustrated.
A Giocondophiliac's Links
References to Mona Lisa on the Web and elsewhere.

Disneyland USA
One unique day in the 1970s when the Orange County police visited Main Street
see also:
The Theme Park View of History

Stop the Judicial Takeover
MoveOn PAC &
People for the American Way
Rally -- Foley Square, NYC
April 27, 2005
Photographs by Robert Baron

Photos: "In Passing"
(removed 12/11/02)
See STUDIOLO PIX instead.

Sic Transit Gloria

Paintings & Drawings by
Clyde Espenschied

Group 4: Paintings & Drawings -- 2006

Group 3: Paintings & Drawings -- 2004

Group 2: Drawings -- 2002

Group 1: Sumi-e ink drawings -- 1999-2000


 Friends and Artists

Rafe Baron -- The Jungle.
reviews of rock concerts and records
Raphael Baron (Rafe Baron) --Club & Concert Punk and other Rock Photos
including Sick of It All, Dem Brooklyn Bums, Murphy's Law, H2O, Rancid, Enseign, Motorhead, Pilfers,
Fahrenheit 451, V.O.D., No Redeming Social Value, U.S.Bombs, L.E.S.Stitches, Fishbone, 25 Ta Life,
Gorilla Biscuite,
and Ozomatli

Paul Baron, Photographer
George Eastman House, Rochester, NY

Jewelry Design by Christine L. Sundt (New, 2008)
Jewelry Design by Ross Coppelman

Judaica by Silversmith Melanie Kline

Harpur College 40th Reunion 2005
Classes of 1964, '65 & '66

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